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James & Andrew to become Spartan Champions!

Andrew Cobb and James McGregor have entered the upcoming Spartan Sprint Race at the MCG on Saturday 8th December 2018. This is the shortest of the Spartan races, being a 5km “fun” run with over 20 obstacles along the course. The catch is if you fail an obstacle you have to do 30 burpees. Andrew […]


Putting my finger on your jaw pain…

  There are many causes of jaw pain and some of them cannot be addressed through myotherapy BUT there is one that Myotherapy treatment can nail really well; painful muscular trigger points. These painful areas of hypertonic muscle occur in the prime mover muscles of the jaw when excess tension builds up, due to clenching, […]

Food as Medicine! It’s a FREE online course!

Combining exercise (such as our many Clinical Exercise classes!) with a good diet is essential to being healthy. Being ‘healthy’ in the modern day can mean so many different things, to so many people. One thing universally agreed on is the food we choose can hugely influence a healthy lifestyle! Where opinions vary is deciding […]

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Introducing… Christopher Snell!

We are excited to introduce our new physiotherapist… Christopher Snell (B.Physio, M.Physio (Musc), A.P.A.M.) Chris will be consulting on Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Fridays and rotational Saturdays. Chris enjoys seeing a wide range of presentations and facilitating optimal recovery. Chris has previously been competitively involved in water polo, swimming and Karate. He also enjoys walks, […]

Christmas and New Years Hours

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Yes we are working through the Christmas break! Our opening hours are – Christmas Period 2017 Want to secure an appointment – Book Online Now Have a safe and prosperous 2018 from everyone at Bellbird Sports & Spinal

Online Appointment Bookings Now Open

Bellbird Sports and Spinal now offers online appointment bookings for physiotherapy, Pilates and myotherapy. Online bookings can be made via our website. If you get stuck we have created a range of help videos or alternatively please contact our friendly reception staff.

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Zuzana Machotka working with North Melbourne Football Club

Bellbird Sports & Spinal’s physiotherapist, Zuzana Machotka, will be working with the North Melbourne Football Club in their club Rooms during preseason. Zuzana will be taking small group Pilates sessions with the players for both rehabilitation and injury prevention purposes. We look forward to Zuzana bringing her experience working with these elite athletes back into […]

Website Photo Updates

Have you checked out our website recently? You might notice a few additions! Our facilities page has some beautiful photos of the new building including our Pilates studios. We have also updated practitioner page which has lovely photos of all of our clinicians. Thanks to Julie Christie Designs for the photos.