Daniel Wang Rock Climbing Mt Macedon
Man working from home with Dog
Sitting on the Sidelines girl holding soccer ball
School girl with backpack holding her mothers hand
Happy Puppy wearing Pink Rabbit Ears for Easter
Liz dancing in wedding dress

Dance Physiotherapy

In high school I was quite a clumsy teenager. Although I enthusiastically tried many different sports I was never able to find my fit. It was therefore problematic that whilst completing my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award I needed to find some regular…
3 women exercising with blue weights

Why is it so important to exercise as I get older? Part 2

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As we age our body undergoes many changes, but these changes are not always inevitable and some of them are even reversible! Loss of muscle bulk and strength is part of the ageing process. After the age of 30 you start to lose muscle mass at…
Laura Anderson triathlon finish with medal

Laura talks Triathlons!

I have been doing triathlons for the past 5 years. Initially I was just ‘having a go’ with a friend, and then I got hooked! A triathlon is comprised of 3 ‘legs’ – a swim, a ride and a run. It is always done in that order, but there…
Seven teenage school friends smiling to camera, close up

Attention teenagers of Australia! Talking about the loo shouldn’t be taboo!

  Despite what many in the public believe, bladder problems and bowel problems – known as incontinence – are not isolated to pregnant women, mothers, or the elderly. In support of this is recent data published by the Continence…
Lady with pregnant belly stretching back

Pelvic Girdle Pain

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  According to the 2018 syllabus for ‘The Pregnant Pelvis’ (presented by the APA) 20-25% of pregnant women and 7% of postpartum women suffer from pelvic girdle pain.   Some signs that may indicate you suffer from Low Back-Pelvic…