Helpful Tips for Those Working From Home!

“I’ve never experienced this type of pain before.”

That’s a common phrase we are hearing during these unprecedented times. As comfortable as it might sound, working from home (WFH) can have its challenges. Headaches, low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and fatigue are common issues that arise a home work environment. The main downside of WFH is increased sedentary positions and poor work office setup. This is often the culprit that leads to the aches and pains that many are suffering.

Here is a list of suggestions to help our community stay stronger and healthier while working from home:

  1. Movement – Changing positions every 30-60 minutes can help decrease tension and stress on our muscles. We suggest doing 10 laps around the house or a few sets up and down the stairs (if you have them) every hour.
  1. Ergonomics – Ensuring that our office chair and desk are at the optimal height can benefit those WFH. Poor posture is often related to muscle spasms/weakness causing low back and neck pain.
  1. Exercise – Incorporating an exercise routine to your schedule can boost your physical health and mental health. Whether it’s going up and down stairs every hour or doing a HIIT workout after work, physical activity can positively impact your attitude both at home and at work.
  1. Social Interaction – Staying connected with friends and family can reduce built-up stress and anxiety which can prevent low back pain and neck disorders. It could be as simple as a scheduled walk with a neighbour – and of course, while social distancing.

These small changes can be seamlessly integrated into our lives. It just takes a bit of motivation and dedication. After all, our physical and mental health are of paramount importance during this global pandemic.

Man working from home with Dog