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Why is it so important to exercise as I get older? Part 2

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As we age our body undergoes many changes, but these changes are not always inevitable and some of them are even reversible! Loss of muscle bulk and strength is part of the ageing process. After the age of 30 you start to lose muscle mass at…
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Pilates…Sink your Teeth into it.

When looking for love, what single guy or gal doesn’t do a little window dressing to make themselves more attractive to potential love interests?  A recent study into the workings of online dating confirm that using the word ‘Pilates’…
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Why is it so important to exercise as I get older?

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As we age the body sadly deteriorates in many areas: our joints get stiffer, our bones weaken, our muscles lose strength, our posture changes, our exercise tolerance reduces and our balance becomes more precarious. The good news is that we…
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Stretch it out!

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When you see your physiotherapist at Bellbird Sports and Spinal, you will often be given homework. This is to aid in your recovery and help manage your presenting condition. Sometimes your body will need strengthening and other times it…

Introducing… Christopher Snell!

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We are excited to introduce our new physiotherapist... Christopher Snell (B.Physio, M.Physio (Musc), A.P.A.M.) Chris will be consulting on Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Fridays and rotational Saturdays. Chris enjoys seeing a wide…
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Zuzana Machotka working with North Melbourne Football Club

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Bellbird Sports & Spinal's physiotherapist, Zuzana Machotka, will be working with the North Melbourne Football Club in their club Rooms during preseason. Zuzana will be taking small group Pilates sessions with the players for both rehabilitation…

Clinical Pilates – Resistance Exercise

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Clinical Pilates is a form of resistance exercise. Pilates is categorised in this way because it involves moving your body and therefore challenging the muscles of your body against resistance springs, resistance bands and other weighted…

Pre-natal and Post-natal Clinical Pilates Classes – Seeking expressions of interest

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Bellbird Sports & Spinal is considering offering Clinical Pilates Classes specifically for pre-natal and post-natal women. These classes would be run by our physiotherapist Eleanor Donoghue who has experience with designing Clinical Pilates…
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Elizabeth Jones Studying Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

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Did you know that Elizabeth Jones is currently undertaking postgraduate study? She has just completed her first year of her Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy through La Trobe University. The course this year has allowed…

Sports Medicine Australia Conference

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Last week Zuzana Machotka and Andrew Cobb attended the Sports Medicine Australia conference at the MCG in Melbourne. Highlights from the conference included presentations on: ACL reconstructions Hamstring strains and management …