Dance Physiotherapy


In high school I was quite a clumsy teenager. Although I enthusiastically tried many different sports I was never able to find my fit. It was therefore problematic that whilst completing my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award I needed to find some regular sport or activity to fill in the ‘Physical Recreation’ component. That was when I discovered dance… and everything changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I had participated in a few dance classes previously and had stumbled my way through a few student-led school dance performances but this was entirely different. In year 9 the school ran partnered dance classes and aside from the novelty of spending time with boys (this was an all-girls school) the dancing itself was simply wonderful. There was something magical to me about moving in harmony with another person to music. I was instantly hooked and this addiction to dance; particularly partnered dance, continues to this day.

Fast forward 15 years and I am an experienced physiotherapist. I have completed postgraduate study to obtain my Graduate Certificate and Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. After finishing this additional study I found myself wondering what direction I would like my career to head in…

The answer came to me in an instant: dance physiotherapy.

Over my years as a physio I have treated many dancers from many different styles and I have always loved it. Having a shared passion with my patient’s makes the work even more rewarding. I understand the drive to dance and how heartbreaking it can be if injury or pain gets in the way. Dance is the pure joy of movement and injury and pain can really threaten this.

So what is Dance Physiotherapy?

The value of seeing a dance physiotherapist is to see someone who understands. A dance physiotherapist understands the nuances of different dance styles and therefore the different demands on the body, footwear, dance terminology and techniques and the demands of training schedules and performances. By synthesising my dance knowledge with physiotherapy techniques I tailor my treatment to your individual needs and work with you to return you to your optimal physical performance as quickly as possible. This approach benefits both beginner and competitive dancers.

If injury or pain is affecting your dancing, I would love to help you. Book online here, or ring us on 03 9878 8088 to make an appointment.

After all, dance is life!

Written by Elizabeth Eager

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