Daniel Wang

Daniel Wang

BH-SCI, MPhty, A.P.A.M.

Daniel Wang Physiotherapist

Daniel Wang completed a Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney as well as a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the University of Melbourne majoring in Human Anatomy. Daniel’s background provides him an in depth understanding of the human body. Additionally, Daniel holds a membership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) showing his commitment to supporting the profession.

Using an evidence-based treatment approach, Daniel is dedicated to helping people get back to their valued activities using a combination of education, manual-therapy, dry needling, and exercise. His proactive stance on injury management highlights his commitment to long-term health and strives to examine the multifaceted nature of injury rather than simply reacting to the symptoms.

Daniel’s clinical expertise is in musculoskeletal disorders and sporting injuries. His has stemmed from his clinical interests in spinal pain, sports-related injuries, post-operative rehabilitation and returning to sport catering to both recreational and competitive athletes. Daniel has a background in competitive sports, specifically in martial arts. This has helped him to understand the competitive mindset of an athlete and the training required to compete consistently at a high level.

As an active individual who enjoys challenging himself, Daniel finds joy in training at the gym and rock climbing. He can often be spotted bouldering and lead climbing at the gyms or out on hiking and climbing trips around Victoria. By engaging in both indoor and outdoor climbing, he has experienced the diversity of climbing styles and is better equipped to provide advice for climbers of all different levels. Daniel continues to leverage his personal experience and ongoing research to help support the climbing community. His key goal is to keep himself and other climbers on the wall, focusing on longevity and performance.