According to the 2018 syllabus for ‘The Pregnant Pelvis’ (presented by the APA) 20-25% of pregnant women and 7% of postpartum women suffer from pelvic girdle pain.


Some signs that may indicate you

suffer from Low Back-Pelvic Girdle Pain include:


  • Your area of pain is predominantly at the front of your pelvis in the bony region between your legs and/or in your low back extending into your buttocks and back of the thighs
  • You are increasingly less able to walk or stand for long periods of time without urgent need of a seated rest due to your pain
  • Activities such as turning in bed, climbing stairs, dressing while standing up and getting in and out of the car are becoming increasingly more difficult

If you experience one or more of the above, and if you’re pregnant or recently gave birth, you may have low back-pelvic girdle pain.


Our pelvic floor physiotherapist Eleanor Donoghue recently completed further training in the assessment, treatment and management of non-pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain.


If you think you might be suffering from pelvic girdle pain, Eleanor encourages you to call Bellbird Sports & Spinal on 9878 8088 or click here to make an appointment to see her today and start your journey to a life without pelvic girdle pain.


Written by Eleanor Donoghue

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