Pilates…Sink your Teeth into it.


When looking for love, what single guy or gal doesn’t do a little window dressing to make themselves more attractive to potential love interests?  A recent study into the workings of online dating confirm that using the word ‘Pilates’ in your profile will increase your chance of landing a mate up to 160%!

Other sure fire ways to get attention are to mention you like guacamole and eating vegan.

This was too good not to report. So I went looking for answers as to why Pilates is ringing bells (so to speak). And I quote directly from the Pilates Brochure at Bellbird Sports and Spinal:

Pilates can:

  • Be excellent as an injury management tool
  • Assist injury prevention by addressing the underlying cause
  • Increase muscle strength, tone and flexibility
  • Improve posture, physique and well-being
  • Develop optimal core control

The elephant in the room, is how these traits may translate to making us more attractive to potential mates?  And the hypotheses have been flying around the kitchen at Bellbird Sports and Spinal as to why… We’ll leave that on the table with a small encouragement to check in about our group sessions in the Pilates studio.

We “guarantee” you will be 160% more attractive after your class…

A whole term of classes and you’ll be positively deadly.

Book here, or come and see one of our physiotherapists to set you up a program!

But what REALLY gets me, and my kitchen table mates can’t explain, is how having a full set of teeth didn’t make it onto the research radar when looking at what makes someone attractive online!

Written by Jane Hilson

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