Diabetes Assessments and Doppler Ultrasound

Bellbird Podiatry is a member of Diabetes Victoria and runs campaigns each year promoting foot health for people living with diabetes.

At Bellbird Podiatry we are passionate about education and early intervention when it comes to diabetes and foot health so we offer Diabetes Assessments and Doppler Ultrasound. Answering your questions and working with you and your GP, particularly in the first 5-10 years following diagnosis can be the difference between good and poor health.

A typical diabetes consultation at Bellbird Podiatry includes assessing your circulation and nerve function in the foot and ankle, to determine your risk of current and future foot problems. 

We have the latest in Doppler technology that allows real-time vascular wave form display, ankle-brachial index (ABI), toe-brachial index (TBI) calculations and toe pressures. These calculations determine how well blood is flowing into your limbs and toes, which is vital for ulcer prevention and general wellbeing.

The Australian Podiatry Association and Diabetes Australia recommends that someone with diabetes have their feet checked by a podiatrist at least annually.