Hydrotherapy is undertaken at Box Hill Aqualink. The hydrotherapy pool is heated to approximately 34ºC to provide a warm, comfortable environment in which to carry out hydrotherapy sessions.

Bellbird Sports & Spinal offers a variety of hydrotherapy sessions including individual and group sessions. Programs are tailored to suit individual needs and are run by physiotherapists with extensive knowledge and experience in hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy involves undertaking tailored exercises in a warm water environment. The benefits of hydrotherapy are numerous and include pain relief, muscle strengthening and relaxation, increased joint flexibility, improved circulation, fitness and balance. The buoyancy of the water provides support, enabling exercises to be performed much more easily in water than on land. Your physiotherapist will utilise these properties to facilitate your rehabilitation and recovery.

The pool facilities include a wide variety of hydrotherapy equipment for therapeutic purposes, as well as shower and change room facilities.