Be Your Best Easter Self

The math is not difficult; eating more chocolate combined with doing less exercise leaves us all feeling sluggish, and who wants to feel less than 100% when it is Easter break?

It is a well known fact that we all find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet and keep up our exercise routine over Easter or any holiday period. The huge variety of delicious sweet treats available in every supermarket and at every social occasion can be very hard to resist. At the same time many organised exercise classes will stop over the holidays; and as kryptonite is the Achilles heel of Superman, moving less and eating more is the Achilles of the waistline.

Strategies that might help you stay on track this Easter include:

  • Doing some form of exercise on the same day and at the same time that you would usually be attending a formal exercise session. This can work for many people because it is already an established part of their weekly routine
  • Practice mindfulness around what you put in your mouth
  • Give yourself permission to put your health first
  • Take the opportunity to visit an art exhibition, market, open garden or one of the many other events on offer around Melbourne and Victoria that you would otherwise not be able to go to because you’re at work. Walking around and socialising is a fun way to get some incidental exercise into your day to use your energy stores from the yummy Easter eggs and hot cross buns!
  • If you are pressed for fun exercise ideas look down at your gorgeous dog who would love to accompany you on a walk!

Written by Eleanor Donoghue

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