Nail and Skin Care

Bellbird podiatry is highly proficient in the treatment of:

  • Nail conditions including fungal, thick, hard, curvy or ingrown toe nails
  • Skin conditions such as tinea, warts, callus, corns, foreign bodies, blisters and sweaty, dry or cracked feet

We provide advice for the prevention of some skin and nail problems.

Footwear and biomechanical dysfunction can be the cause of skin and nail problems.

Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenails are painful. If untreated, there can be a serious risk of infection which can spread to the rest of the toe or foot.

At Bellbird podiatry we carefully assess the ingrown toenail and determine the factors which may have caused it to develop. Treatment may involve gentle removal of any sharp edges, education on correct nail cutting technique or nail surgery if there is a risk of the problem reoccurring.