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Attention teenagers of Australia! Talking about the loo shouldn’t be taboo!

  Despite what many in the public believe, bladder problems and bowel problems – known as incontinence – are not isolated to pregnant women, mothers, or the elderly. In support of this is recent data published by the Continence…
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Pelvic Girdle Pain

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  According to the 2018 syllabus for ‘The Pregnant Pelvis’ (presented by the APA) 20-25% of pregnant women and 7% of postpartum women suffer from pelvic girdle pain.   Some signs that may indicate you suffer from Low Back-Pelvic…
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Bladder Leakage During Sport & Exercise: a major issue impacting women from adolescence to adulthood

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  Did you know the incidence of bladder leakage AKA urinary incontinence in female athletes can be as high as 80%, particularly in sports that involve jumping, running, and frequent changes in body position such as netball, trampolining,…
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The what, the where, and the why of the Pelvic Floor

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Commentary on the importance of a strong pelvic floor is becoming increasingly more common in the Australian media landscape. Pelvic floor physiotherapists are discussing this vital structure of the human body on breakfast television (see video…
1 in 4 Aussies are incontinent. laugh without leaking.

World Continence Week!

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Monday 18th June – 24th June is World Continence Week! This is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness, and ensure our community understands the prevalence of incontinence in our society and the treatment options available to them. Our…
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The Story of the Organs: Part 1

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'The Story of the Organs: part 1' is a cute cartoon and story that explains the impact that chronic constipation and prolapse can have on the bladder, particularly the risk of bladder incontinence. It is published and produced…
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Investigate the cause!

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Don’t spend all your money before investigating the cause! You may have noticed heaps of ads on TV selling incontinence pads, and yes – about 1 in 4 Australians suffer from incontinence issues... but pads merely treat the symptom... Unless…
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Pelvic Floor… we all have one!

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Myth: Only women have a pelvic floor. Fact: Both men and women have a pelvic floor! Both genders are susceptible to bladder and bowel problems or muscle pain if their pelvic floor is not functioning properly! Simple advice everyone…