Healthy food and pills

Food as Medicine! It’s a FREE online course!

Combining exercise (such as our many Clinical Exercise classes!) with a good diet is essential to being healthy. Being 'healthy' in the modern day can mean so many different things, to so many people. One thing universally agreed on is the…
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The what, the where, and the why of the Pelvic Floor

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Commentary on the importance of a strong pelvic floor is becoming increasingly more common in the Australian media landscape. Pelvic floor physiotherapists are discussing this vital structure of the human body on breakfast television (see video…
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Stretch it out!

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When you see your physiotherapist at Bellbird Sports and Spinal, you will often be given homework. This is to aid in your recovery and help manage your presenting condition. Sometimes your body will need strengthening and other times it…

Oh, it’s just an ankle sprain…. or is it?

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries that people experience in their lives. Many believe that ankle sprains are a simple injury that will recover without treatment... Research tells us that up to 40% of people with ankle sprains…
1 in 4 Aussies are incontinent. laugh without leaking.

World Continence Week!

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Monday 18th June – 24th June is World Continence Week! This is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness, and ensure our community understands the prevalence of incontinence in our society and the treatment options available to them. Our…
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Introducing… Christopher Snell!

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We are excited to introduce our new physiotherapist... Christopher Snell (B.Physio, M.Physio (Musc), A.P.A.M.) Chris will be consulting on Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Fridays and rotational Saturdays. Chris enjoys seeing a wide…
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The Story of the Organs: Part 1

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'The Story of the Organs: part 1' is a cute cartoon and story that explains the impact that chronic constipation and prolapse can have on the bladder, particularly the risk of bladder incontinence. It is published and produced…
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Investigate the cause!

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Don’t spend all your money before investigating the cause! You may have noticed heaps of ads on TV selling incontinence pads, and yes – about 1 in 4 Australians suffer from incontinence issues... but pads merely treat the symptom... Unless…
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Christmas and New Years Hours

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Yes we are working through the Christmas break! Our opening hours are - Christmas Period 2017 Want to secure an appointment - Book Online Now Have a safe and prosperous 2018 from everyone at…