Monday 18th June – 24th June is World Continence Week! This is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness, and ensure our community understands the prevalence of incontinence in our society and the treatment options available to them. Our own pelvic floor physiotherapist Eleanor Donoghue has designed a short questionnaire* to help you decide whether you should book in for an assessment.

If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the below questions, you may benefit from talking to a pelvic floor physiotherapist – Book Today with Eleanor Donoghue.

Healthy bladder & bowel questionnaire

Bladder Questions;    
Do you ever feel the need to rush to get to the toilet on time YES NO
Do you leak when you cough or sneeze? YES NO
Do you leak when you exercise? YES NO
Do you limit your fluid intake during the day so that you don’t go to the toilet as often? YES NO
Do you need to go the toilet more frequently during the day and/or night than before? YES NO
Can you delay going to the toilet for up to 10 minutes? YES NO


Bowel questions;    
Do you ever pass wind without being able to control it? YES NO
Do you strain when you are on the toilet? YES NO
Do you suffer from regular constipation? YES NO
Do you drink 8 glasses of fluid (including water, tea and coffee) a day? YES NO
Do you regularly consume 1-2 pieces of fruit and 5-6 vegetables a day? YES NO


*Questions based on those included in “The Australian Pelvic Floor Questionnaire” developed by Baessler, O’Neill, Maher & Battistutta and published in 2010.