Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI) Physio Breakfast

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The end of year Australian Physiotherapy Association Breakfast brought together some of Victoria’s best in respect to Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI). FAI is a painful condition affecting the hip. It is common in sports-persons and is caused by increased bone growth around the hip, similar to a bony spur in the heel which then causes restriction and pain in the hip. To be diagnosed with FAI a patient needs to have positive imaging findings (e.g. X-ray, MRI), symptoms of hip and groin pain, and signs of impingement on physical examination (e.g. hip impingement tests performed by physiotherapist/doctor). Management can be surgical and/or conservative depending on the severity and patients individual circumstances.

The line-up of speakers this year included orthopaedic surgeons, Mr Parminder Singh and Mr John O’Donnel, hip specialist physiotherapist Dr Joanne Kemp, and AFL sports physician from Geelong F.C. Dr Drew Slimmon. The morning session highlighted the importance of recognising FAI and current options on treatment and management. Bellbird Sports & Spinal Physiotherapist Zuzana Machotka, attended the event and has even published in this area with Dr Kemp (refer to citation below). Bellbird Sports and Spinal are proud to have their staff regularly attend these important events as we are dedicated to ongoing learning.


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