Clinical Pilates – Resistance Exercise

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Clinical Pilates is a form of resistance exercise. Pilates is categorised in this way because it involves moving your body and therefore challenging the muscles of your body against resistance springs, resistance bands and other weighted equipment.

Improving muscular fitness and overall muscle health of the body is a key goal of clinical Pilates. In order to effectively realise The benefits of improved muscle strength, muscle endurance and muscle power it is important to let your body rest.

The American College of Sports Medicine (Thompson et al, 2010) recommends at least 48 hours rest between resistance training sessions for each major muscle group.

This means if you have completed your Clinical Pilates class or individual program on a Monday exercising the upper body, lower body and core/trunk muscles you should wait to at least Wednesday night to train again. This will give your muscles adequate time to recover from your challenging Pilates class and help you to more rapidly realise your strength, endurance, and power goals.

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