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Laura talks Triathlons!

I have been doing triathlons for the past 5 years. Initially I was just ‘having a go’ with a friend, and then I got hooked! A triathlon is comprised of 3 ‘legs’ – a swim, a ride and a run. It is always done in that order, but there are different distances you can do. […]


Standing up to work-place aches and pains

Do you come away from work complaining of a sore neck or back?   Have you noticed that your posture deteriorates when you’ve been sitting for a long time?   The majority of people with a desk-based job spend way too long sitting, and often complain about being uncomfortable. Did you know that our bodies […]

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Stretch it out!

When you see your physiotherapist at Bellbird Sports and Spinal, you will often be given homework. This is to aid in your recovery and help manage your presenting condition. Sometimes your body will need strengthening and other times it will need stretching. As a triathlete, I find stretching is a valuable component of my training. […]