Bladder Emphasised Strength Training

2 out of every 3 women

experience bladder frequency

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Bladder incontinence can

impact women of all ages

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Be your B.E.S.T. self

Be your B.E.S.T. self.

What is B.E.S.T?

  • BEST is an evidence based, pelvic floor strengthening program developed by Bellbird Sports & Spinal in conjunction with pelvic floor physiotherapist Eleanor Donoghue
  • Over the course of the BEST program you will be instructed on how to strengthen the muscles of continence and pelvic organ support
  • The program is run on-site at Bellbird Sports & Spinal in one of our state-of-the-art exercise studios

What are the benefits of the program?

  • The results of the 2018 Cochrane Systematic Review investigating the efficacy of Pelvic Floor Muscle Training (PFMT) for women with urinary incontinence found that women who complete PFMT programs:
    • Are more likely to report cure of urinary incontinence,
    • Report significant improvement in urinary incontinence symptoms,
    • Experience reduced leakage episodes and reduced volume of urine loss, and
    • Report significant improvement in quality of life

How are the sessions run?

    • Before commencing the sessions, you will be asked to complete some questionnaires. The information from these will be used again over the course of the program to measure your progress.
    • An initial pelvic floor consultation with Eleanor is essential before joining the BEST sessions. Using the information taken from this assessment, she can determine your suitability to join the group. If you are a previous patient of Eleanor’s, she will already have your assessment information on hand and a second assessment is not necessary.
    • Group PFMT sessions which occur once a week to improve voluntary recruitment of the muscles of continence and to increase the strength and muscle bulk of the muscular support system in the pelvis
    • You can enrol at any time.
    • Sessions currently running on Tuesdays at 6pm.  Due to the popularity of this program, a second weekly session will be starting on Thursday mornings at 9:15am from April 16th, 2020.

What conditions can B.E.S.T. help with?

  • The 2018 Cochrane Review supports PFMT as first-line conservative management for women with urinary incontinence
  • BEST is a program for all individuals who experience the following symptoms:
    • Loss of urine with sneeze, cough or exercises e.g. running, jumping, step classes
    • Urine leakage associated with urgency AKA an unrelenting desire to go to the toilet
  • BEST is a great option for women who have been advised by their obstetrician or urogynecologist to start pelvic floor muscle rehab after pregnancy and urogenital surgery respect