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Attention teenagers of Australia! Talking about the loo shouldn’t be taboo!

  Despite what many in the public believe, bladder problems and bowel problems – known as incontinence – are not isolated to pregnant women, mothers, or the elderly. In support of this is recent data published by the Continence Foundation of Australia that states… “Between 20,000 and 60,000 Australians aged 13 to 18 experience some […]

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Pelvic Girdle Pain

  According to the 2018 syllabus for ‘The Pregnant Pelvis’ (presented by the APA) 20-25% of pregnant women and 7% of postpartum women suffer from pelvic girdle pain.   Some signs that may indicate you suffer from Low Back-Pelvic Girdle Pain include:   Your area of pain is predominantly at the front of your pelvis […]

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Bladder Leakage During Sport & Exercise: a major issue impacting women from adolescence to adulthood

  Did you know the incidence of bladder leakage AKA urinary incontinence in female athletes can be as high as 80%, particularly in sports that involve jumping, running, and frequent changes in body position such as netball, trampolining, gymnastics, hockey, soccer and cycling.1,2 Urinary incontinence & adolescent female gymnasts Stress urinary incontinence (SUI), the spontaneous […]

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The what, the where, and the why of the Pelvic Floor

Commentary on the importance of a strong pelvic floor is becoming increasingly more common in the Australian media landscape. Pelvic floor physiotherapists are discussing this vital structure of the human body on breakfast television (see video at the end of this article) and articles are starting to appear in women’s magazines (Women’s Fitness Article) With […]

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World Continence Week!

Monday 18th June – 24th June is World Continence Week! This is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness, and ensure our community understands the prevalence of incontinence in our society and the treatment options available to them. Our own pelvic floor physiotherapist Eleanor Donoghue has designed a short questionnaire* to help you decide whether you […]

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The Story of the Organs: Part 1

‘The Story of the Organs: part 1’ is a cute cartoon and story that explains the impact that chronic constipation and prolapse can have on the bladder, particularly the risk of bladder incontinence. It is published and produced by the website Pelvic Floor Exercise. Eleanor Donoghue is our pelvic floor physiotherapist – For more information […]

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Investigate the cause!

Don’t spend all your money before investigating the cause! You may have noticed heaps of ads on TV selling incontinence pads, and yes – about 1 in 4 Australians suffer from incontinence issues… but pads merely treat the symptom… Unless your doctor has suggested using these products, don’t spend all your money before investigating the […]